My name is Reliquiaen (but you can call me Relic, or, if you know me from Deviantart, you may call me Alt). I write, duh, that’s why I’m here. I hope anyone who reads my literature will leave constructive comments, I know I’m far from perfect and any help is much appreciated.

This Blog page is basically a place for me to get all my literary ramblings out there. I have much neglected accounts on FictionPress and Bookmato as well as here (check the links at the side), but I always forget they exist. So here we have this. I’ll chuck my stories on here for you to view and read at your leisure as well as my thought processes and thought journals (which are supposed to be ideas, but more often than not degenerate into my subconscious having a nice little discussion with itself – which is funny because I type everything down). I hope you enjoy the crazy fun that is the inner workings of my mind.

All stories come from my imagination and while drawing inspiration from other sources is inevitable, similarities are purely coincidental. I do my best not to write something that is too close to something else. That said, I haven’t by any means read every piece of literature out there and so it is highly possible it’s similar to something I’ve never heard of.

The header was drawn by me and is quite rough. I draw lots of images to accompany my writings. You can find the gallery here: This particular character is Renin, who stars in ‘The Empty Land’. You can see the full image, as well as some information on him in the gallery.

Ta-ta for now!


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